My week at The Sun

That week I got the chance to work for a newspaper…I even published some of my own work online.

And no I don’t mean that giant, burning thing in the sky.

After going through all careers possible, I finally found something I could see myself doing for the majority of my life; writing.

Unfortunately, unless you’re someone like Stephen King or J.K Rowling you are unlikely to make a living writing fictional stories. Also once you grow a certain age imagination is very hard to find. So I decided to go into journalism.

Once I got help out of dad and his weird connections with the most random of people, I was able to spend a week at the sun’s newsroom doing work experience. It was a great experience and anyone out there who is able to get the opportunity I definitely recommend it.

And although my dream of them offering me a job at the end of the week because I was that amazing did not happen, I was still able to get a few articles published on their website. Every time I saw my name pop up on the screen as I scrolled through the recent stories written, a little part of me inside jumped up and down. I will put the links down below for you to check out my proof and see I’m not lying.

However during the days once I completed the task of research or writing they had given me I felt like a little puppy as I was continuously asking “What can I do now?”

I am a very curious person and interested in the unknown, also a little scared. That’s normally why people are scared of the dark because what is inside the dark room tends to be unknown. This is why I enjoy journalism as you are able to research topics you technically might not know anything about. Then any knowledge gained you are able to share with other people. After studying psychology for a level, alongside creative writing, I am also intrigued by the human brain. My dream come true would to be able to get into journalism where I could write about psychological topics. However, I will be happy with getting out of retail, to begin with!

Enjoy reading.

Grace x

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