I’ve haven’t come out to my parents and I’m 18…

Now I appreciate that coming out as gay or lesbian is a lot harder than bisexual, even in the 21st century and for those who have it more difficult than me, I pray for you guys.

The problem for bisexuals is that the majority of people still believe we are “confused” or “just experimenting” or “going through a phase”. And I’m not disputing that some people may be confused or trying new things out but for the ones who know they are attracted to both sexes to be told they’re not, can be infuriating. For some reason, I think I may know who I’m attracted to more than anyone else.

Over the last couple years, different sexualities have come to light that before people didn’t know existed or didn’t know there was a word for whatever they were feeling. All the oldies who are resistant to change, work in a way where if they don’t understand it they don’t believe it.

So how did I know I was bisexual if I had never done more than kissing with a girl? Because I knew a girl that I found very attractive and I’m pretty sure I gained a crush on her like I would with any other boy.

It wasn’t just a “yeah that girl is hot” kind of feeling. I was imagining doing things to her, not necessarily sexual, even just cute couple stuff. Unfortunately, I have a boyfriend and she was straight so those feelings went away after a while. But whatever I have felt for boys I have felt for girls at one point too.

My parents and my older brother have openly discussed how bisexuals are confused and I wouldn’t know what would happen if I were to come out. I would also be worried about being treated differently by people, not just my family. I am happy together with my boyfriend for almost two years and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. In reality is it worth me coming out to my family if I am in a happy and committed heterosexual relationship?

I could rant all day about what being bisexual really means and maybe I’ll write another post in the future.

Gracie x

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