Isn’t it sad to think that once upon a time we were all innocent? Not the innocence in terms of whether you committed the crime, I’m talking about something else. For example, my 7-year-old sister still believes she can become a tooth fairy as a job when she’s older. At what point does that go all away? At what point do you wake up and realise that all those stories aren’t true and that you don’t always get a happy ending?

The innocence I’m talking about is where your parents knew everything, you had the choice of whether you wanted to work or not and the only issues you had were your friends at school being mean to you.

It’s why being around children is so scary. You just have to slip up once and suddenly their innocence starts to shrink. The more one understands about the world, the worse it gets.

In reality, people lie to us day after day until we get to a certain age and then they throw all of the truth into your face. And no it’s not as dramatic as I’ve described it but you still have to be careful. Children are meant to live care free, exciting lives. It’s why they are filled with so much imagination if only I had published fictional books when I was younger.

Some people do grow out of that naivety quicker than others. But suddenly you begin to realise there are bad people in the world and no super heroes to save you. The news is always filled with murders, rapes, kidnappings and that tiny percentage of the news that isn’t depressing is a study that tells you bacon causes cancer.

As a society, we are terribly negative in the way we think. For example, when someone does get raped we go and blame the victim for what she was wearing, or how she was acting, instead of actually punishing the person who did it.

No wonder 1 in 10 of us is depressed.

Gracie x


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