Today I’m going to delve into one of my stories, so make sure you have your hot beverage and cookies at the ready.

When I was younger I loved to perform; to act, to sing and sometimes to dance. Now I realised I was never going to be the best of the best at acting but I figured I had as much of a chance than anyone else.

My life used to be filled with drama. Drama clubs inside school, drama clubs outside school, you name it I did it. I enjoyed acting, getting up on stage and being able to escape from your own life to become someone else. I also loved all the different outfits I got to wear depending on what part I was acting.

Throughout my years at my school each year we would have a school production. And each year I didn’t get the best of parts. Now I assumed it was because there were a few girls in my school who were better than me and I knew that. Like I said I never thought I was the best.  It still hurt to have given it my all at the audition and to get a measly one line role. But I let it slide each time.

I also used to do speech and drama which was an activity you would do within school hours. You would be in groups of two, at the most, and you had the choice of performing and being graded on a monologue or dialogue piece.

My speech and drama teacher was harsh but also very blunt. In reality, if he thought you were shit, he’d tell you. And that’s what he told me. He told me not to take it personally, which I obviously did, but that I was great at remembering lines but all I did was read the lines, I never became the character.

That was a wake-up call for me, I always assumed I could act effortlessly without having to think. It turns out I can’t.

But even though this teacher hurt my feelings and scared the shit out of me a few weeks before my exam, he helped me. If it wasn’t for him maybe I’d still be trying to make it big as an actress.


Gracie x


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My Book: “Letters to my Past”

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