I still work in retail and since the beginning of my time studying at college I have been in a couple of retail positions as part time jobs. No, retail isn’t the worst thing in the world but unfortunately for a people-hater, like myself, it can be draining.

Customers are always right, right? Apart from they don’t know as much as the staff member they are talking to.  I work in Carphone Warehouse and before getting the job and working in one of the stores I had to take a three day training course. So when it comes to some things I think I know more than the raging customer behind the tills.

As well as finding the public unbearable I also don’t hind things very well. I’ve been told before by members of staff and other customers that I’m very blunt. Whether that’s a good thing or not I have yet to work out.

When customers think they have the authority to scream and shout at me to make everything better, I have to try with all my might not to bloody knock them out. It’s crazy how some people just give nobody any respect?  What makes it worse is the area I work in everyone has all the money in world, this makes them think they are the bees knees and can get whatever they want.

Due to working in retail for the last 2 years whenever I have to deal with a problem in another store, I am probably the best customer they will ever have.

And I am a very negative person and I could rant all day about my hate for retail. However it would do no good for you as a reader as it wouldn’t be interesting. It would neither be any good for me as I would just hate my job more.

Just remember treat retail workers with respect as a customer and they are more likely to sort out your problem.

Grace x


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