For those who know me you will have found out that I recently got a haircut; a pixie cut to be precise. Now those who know me even better will know that I have not suddenly changed and this is not me coming out. Well, not as a lesbian anyway. I discussed that in an earlier blog post. (Click here)

However many people seem to assume that now I look like a lesbian, it now means I am one. Someone the other day said I looked like a 12-year-old boy, does that make me a 12 -year-old boy?

Having this haircut has made me realise how easily people judge one another. One minute I happen to get a haircut, then next thing you know people feel it’s ok to ask about my sexuality when I may not be comfortable with sharing the information.

If anything as a girl having short hair is great and very practical. I save money on hair products due to lessening the amount of hair I have. Also (and I am aware we are heading into the winter months now) when the weather is hot I produce less heat.

The main reason I got my new risky haircut is that I was bored of sticking to traditions. I get bored of my hair easily and although dying it all the colours of the rainbow is fun, it’s expensive and can damage your hair. When I first looked into the mirror I was nervous, after all, I could have made a huge mistake that would take time to heal. But I love my new hair and wished I had maybe done it sooner in my life.

Do I get treated differently from when I had my long hair? Apart from people assuming I am gay one thing I did notice was I get less attention from guys now. But that’s probably because they now think I’m gay. However I have got a bit more attention from girls, they seem to be generally more pleasant to me and give me more compliments. It seems like I’ve traded one for the other.

Before I got my haircut done I asked for people’s opinions and if I had actually listened to those people I wouldn’t have got it done. In some cases, your parents aren’t right.


Gracie x


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