Should Girls be Punished for Crying Wolf?

Over the times there have been rape cases that have gone to court only for everyone to find out that the man is completely innocent and the women made it all up. Another thing I’ve noticed in the court with these kinds of cases if a woman says a man did something to her, then it must be true. and then there’s how “men can’t get raped” but maybe we shall discuss these topics another day.

In my opinion, for someone to make up an accusation as extreme as that and it turns out to be false then some sort of discipline should be involved. After all, if the wrong person heard the rumour the guy’s life could have been ruined.

And even though my talk today will seem like I’m solely blaming the women for causing the problem, however, it does happen with men as well but not as common.

The main problem with all of this is that how can you tell it’s a false accusation or just a sexual assault that cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt? Unfortunately, most cases are just a load of he said, she said without much evidence to back up anyone’s story.

So short answer is yes, people should be prosecuted for false accusations. Although this would have to be effective in stopping people from doing such things again otherwise it would be pointless.

However one would need to work out whether a false accusation is actually punishable and why would it be. The reasons “Because he’s a dickhead” or “She’s a psycho” won’t go down well in a court of law.

Overall it is difficult, still, it seems, unanswered question that actually involves a lot of brain work. Most of the inspiration I got from this page where a few people tried answering the question as well.

Quite a serious topic from what I normally discuss but let me know if you enjoyed reading it.

Gracie x


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