We don’t start off crazy; the world makes us crazy. In this male-dominated society that we live in, we are the objects, the receivers and never in control.

We are told to dress provocatively but when we do we are called whores. In order to gain males attention, we invest so much time and effort into our appearance. Wearing short skirts and showing that bit of cleavage to get them excited. But as soon as we dress the way they want us to we are called whores. We end up being punished for what they wanted, which never does any good to our self-esteem.

We are apparently overly emotional. We’re called ‘crazy’ when we allow ourselves to feel instead of bottling it up all up. When we express our opinion or discontent we are pushed to the side. Men are the ones not in tune with their emotions.

We get told not to play mind games yet when we are honest and straightforward with men, we get told we’re crazy. Women get told to be more ‘chill’ and ‘down to earth’ but in doing that we have to play mind games to mask the crazy.

Society tells us to withhold sex. For women, it is a way to trap a man into a relationship and not for pleasure. Sex is all about satisfying his needs and giving him what he wants and ignores female’s pleasure. Women like sex just as much as men yet we fail to recognise that. If a woman wants sex but her boyfriend doesn’t, it is her fault and she gets labeled a ‘slut’.

If a woman is open about sex then she gets called ‘loose’ and ‘easy’. People then take this opportunity to harass you. Ignoring our own pleasure to keep everyone else happy drives us crazy.

We’re told to look a certain way otherwise there is something wrong with us and we’re not worth the attention. There are cardboard cut outs of what we are meant to look like and act like. However, these images people have in their head are unrealistic. We’re told we’re crazy if we act just like any other human being.

Women are told be caring and nurturing. Then we get accused of being clingy and too attached. We get told to act ourselves but when we do we’re too crazy and emotional.

No wonder women are crazy when they have to be open but not emotional, tender but aloof, smart but unthreatening and sexy but not slutty.

Until society chills down on the rule book, women will always be crazy. For a similar explanation of women’s craziness watch this YouTube video.


Gracie x

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