According to urban dictionary a basic white bitch (BWB) is a white girl who loves uggs, Starbucks, selfies, iPhones, leggings, Instagram, heart emojis and flipping their thin hair.

You might already know you are a BWB but if not check and see what points you consider true. Here are some things you would do if you were a BWB. If you do any of the things below you probably aren’t a BWB. However if you do more than one then I would watch out:

  1. You love Starbucks, as much or more than your least favourite family member. You have a complicated order and wait all year round for those pumpkin spiced lattes. You also Instagram every complicated order you have #Starbucks.
  2. You love Pretty Little Liars. As well as shows like Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. You binge watch this shows filled with romance, secrets and murder.
  3. You quote Mean Girls like a boss. It’s second nature for you to blurt out lines in appropriate situations such as “She doesn’t even go here” and “We Wear pink on Wednesdays”
  4. You love being tan. You give yourself a darker complexion, unfortunately people can still tell it’s a white woman under all that bronzer.
  5. You love Nutella. I don’t need to explain this one.
  6. You love Uggs. Whether the weather can handle your Uggs you wear them anyway. In the eyes of a BWB there is no wrong way to wear them.
  7. Drake is your favourite rapper. After all your twitter bios include some of his lyrics.
  8. You treat your iPhone like it’s a baby. Making sure it has the perfect case on it and god forbid if you dropped it.
  9. You think you can twerk. However most white girls copy their idol Miley Cyrus. Although similar to Miley most white girls don’t have an arse.
  10. You say “Literally, can’t even” all the time. This also happens to be the phrase people say when trying to impersonate a BWB. It’s the way you deal with any emotions, you just can’t even.


Grace x


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