First of all you wake up before alarm really needing the toilet.

You spend a bit of time wondering whether you can hold it and go back to sleep or whether you need to get up.

You check the time on your phone and you’re scared the light coming from your screen will wake you up properly so you can’t fall back asleep.

You see it’s 5.30 in the morning so you decide to empty your bladder.

Unfortunately you don’t properly fall back asleep as you’re scared you’ll oversleep. You spend the next few hours thinking of all you have to do today.

Finally your alarm goes off so you get up slightly tired after already being up for 3 hours.

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You feel nauseous and don’t feel like eating much but you know if you don’t you will end up feeling faint at work.

You end up spending a bit of time deciding what the worst scenario would be and decide to eat a small bowl of cereal.

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You get a text from your manager saying he’s not feeling very well and will not be in for work but the new guy will be working with you instead.

Not only have you never worked with them but you don’t even know what they look like. They also have the keys to the store so you have to wait outside the store waiting for Mr Unknown.

Whilst standing outside the store you are worried that people are judging you as either being an eager customer or a generally lost individual.

Because it is the new guy you are working with not only do you have to remember how to do your job, you also have to babysit someone else.

Image result for anxious person gif

He finally arrives and you’re worried he’s going to judge you for the fact you look 15, or the fact you have short hair or anything else for that matter.

You’re wondering whether your breath still stinks of the coffee you had before you left the house.

You continue to talk whilst there are no customers in store. You worry for making a fool out of yourself as a first impression. You’re scared you’ll be too open.

Or not open enough.

You’re scared that you’re going to talk too much and not let anyone else talk.

You drink quite a bit of water and have a small bladder. You’re scared your colleague is going to think you pee too much.

Image result for always peeing gif

You’re worried that he’s going to think you eat too much.

You consistently look at your phone for texts, emails, unopened notifications; it irritates you having them open on your phone.

You’re worried it will look like you spend too much time on your phone.

You’re scared you’ll mention your boyfriend too much in the conversation.

You spend the day hoping no customers want you to call their networks or insurance companies. You also hope no errors come up on the system otherwise you have to call IT; you never understand what they are saying.

Image result for calling strangers gif

You generally hope you don’t have to call or answer to any strangers on the phone.

Everyone keeps showing on social media how they are getting their degrees at university and you’re stuck at home, with your parents.

Instead of going out to have a drink after work like what some people do, you decide to take the half empty bottle of Absolute vodka and make yourself some homemade double vodka and cokes.

Your boyfriend works night shifts so you try to stay up for when he finishes.

You worry about him this tends to keep you up till you know he’s save at home. If he finishes really late you fall asleep before then but are then up super early to check for any texts from the night before.

Then you sleep as much as you can till the next day.

Grace x




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