6 Reasons People Cheat

Shit happens, unfortunately. But there are normally two main reasons it boils down to. The first one being the person is unhappy in their current relationship and therefore wants to find happiness elsewhere even if it’s just for one night.

The second reason is normally a bit deeper into the mind of the said person. It might have something to do with them and the way they are. As the saying goes ‘once a cheater always a cheater’.

I have made of a list of the most common factors to make a difference in whether one would cheat or not:

  1. Lack of sexual satisfaction in a relationship. This has been known to be the most common factor. Most women and men who enter into affairs are looking to improve their sex lives. They may enjoy other activities together but whatever it is sex doesn’t seem to be working.
  2. A desire for additional sexual encounters. People may not necessarily put this down as a reason as it’s socially undesirable to admit it. For example, people may feel they need to be rewarded more for their work at their job through more sex.
  3. Lack of emotional satisfaction in a relationship. Emotional intimacy can be as important of a factor as physical intimacy. People tend to admit that in their affairs they were getting more emotional closeness than from their original partners.
  4. Lack of appreciation. Being appreciated is also key in the emotional connection towards your partner. As partners grow apart they may fail to acknowledge the needs that both have in the relationship.
  5. Falling in love with someone else. However, love is quite difficult to define. What most people feel that leads them astray from their partner is sexual and emotional intimacy.
  6. You’re wanting to seek revenge. If the relationship is already suffering a partner may be wanting to cause hurt to the other for whatever the reason is. For example, if one partner has already admitted to cheating you will be more likely to cheat as well.


Whether it’s a one-night-stand or a long-term affair, cheating involves a mix of emotions and reasons for it to happen. Another reason that did appear in my research was that people are wanting to experiment and are curious about new experiences. However, some couples experiment and still have their marriages intact. It all depends on the individual themselves.

Grace Hemphill x

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