Today I shall be answering one of life’s unanswered questions.

Rock-paper-scissors is a great, classic way of solving an argument.

However when playing rock-paper-scissors one thing that confuses a lot of people is why paper is allowed to beat rock. Scissors beat paper because obviously they cut through the paper and rock beats scissors because it will crush the scissors. All that makes perfect sense.

From the years I’ve been alive it has been said that the paper covers the rock which in turn destroys it. But that never made any sense to me or a lot of people. Due to the fact paper is a flimsy material compared to the rock it just wouldn’t physically have the power to do that.

The reason paper beats rock is quite clever and only something I discovered not too long ago. But not many people know about it so I am helping to spread the word.

Paper symbolises words which in turn symbolises the brain. Rock symbolises brawn; which is the physical strength of something in contrast to intelligence.

Brains versus brawn. Mind over matter.


Only a short blog post today as I have a terrible writer’s block. Let me know what you would like me to write more of.

Grace x

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