Breast feeding is a natural method of feeding your new-born baby. It’s as natural as taking a shit. And yes I realise people don’t go shitting in public but however that is because it is disgusting and unhygienic. Breast-feeding is neither of those.

Even though mothers are given the choice of whether to breast feed their baby or to bottle feed, most doctors would advise breast feeding.

When I say breastfeeding in public I mean it in the most respectful way. For example with a blanket over the baby whilst breast feeding. No one is talking about women showing their boobs off in public because I can also understand how that can make someone feel uncomfortable.

Between the 2 methods there is no nutritional difference. Although breast feeding does include disease fighting white blood cells which bottle feeding does not include. The most obvious differences are that breast feeding is free, always available and the action itself can help the mother bond with their infant baby.

I think the main problem is people have grown up sexualising breasts and to then see them in public can make some people feel uncomfortable. I get why boobs are sexualised and I’m not disputing some people will find them attractive however that’s not the reason breasts are actually there.


Their purpose in life is to feed their children. Women’s breasts wouldn’t fill up with milk after they give birth if it wasn’t necessarily.

So if the main purpose of women’s breasts was for feeding their offspring and not just for sex, why are we not allowing women to feel comfortable doing what is most natural?

There was a YouTube video I saw of a social experiment done to show the effects of breast feeding. It also explains what I talked about earlier, how the main problem is due to people sexualising breasts.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Grace x


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