We spend our lives on the quest to the find ‘the one’.

Whenever a couple has been together a long time they always tell a story of how they knew when they had found ‘the one’.

From what I have seen it doesn’t depend on length of time of the relationship; you can be with someone for 2 years and feel nothing compared to someone you’ve been with for 2 months. Age is also not a factor; you could have found your life partner when you’re in secondary school or when you’re 40 after the second divorce.


If you notice any of the list below in your relationship you may have found the one:

  1. They are your best friend. You can be intimate with each other but also do anything you would with any of your other friends. Such as gossip about people you hate.
  2. They support you in whatever you choose to do. Whether that means calming your nerves before an exam or helping you proof read a cover letter when applying for a job; they’ll be there.
  3. Seeing them makes everything better. Everyone has awful days where they just feel down or blue, not necessarily for any reason. But the right partner will make you forget you were ever sad in the first place. And if it’s needed they will be there to talk through things and let you know it will all be ok.
  4. You can admit that you’ve made a mistake. No relationship is perfect and sometimes relationships have failed because both parties haven’t been able to admit their mistakes. But when you’re comfortable with your partner you know they won’t hold it against you in the long run and will be honest with them.
  5. You trust them. When they go out for their boys/girls night out it’s no big deal. You don’t go through their social media constantly for any hints. Instead it is a night where you can have some me time.
  6. You don’t always have to be doing something. You don’t always have to fill your days with activities. Sitting in comfy joggers and baggy hoodies, watching Netflix will do for you two.
  7. They know how you take your coffee/tea. They know how you like it.
  8. When there are gone you miss them immensely. When work or school gets in the way and there’s no way to physically see them you will do what you can. Even if it’s just a phone call so you can hear their voice.
  9. You’re always brutally honest with them. If they want your opinion on a piece of clothing you’re going to be honest with how they look no matter what and vice versa.
  10. There are no boundaries. If you aren’t comfortable with farting in front them they probably aren’t the one.
  11. You resolve arguments friendly. When you’ve found the one you don’t care who is right or wrong in the argument; you just want to improve the relationship. In some cases you may even like your partner more after the argument.
  12. You put effort in gifts for them. You don’t care how much it costs. If you see an item and immediately think of them; they are getting it. You also love seeing their reactions when they open it.
  13. You’re intimidated by how you feel for them. Being in love is a scary position to be in. You are giving them the power to destroy you emotionally and trusting them with all your heart that they won’t.
  14. You wouldn’t trade them for the world. You’ve seen some of your mates living the ‘single life’ and feel a bit of envy towards their envy. But you know you have someone who will be there forever. Once you’ve found ‘the one’ and have settled down your life will change immensely. But you won’t mind.

Grace x

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