Alcohol is no Excuse.

Cheating is cheating. Whether you’re drunk or sober; you’re still cheating. Is a drunk encounter somehow worse than a sober encounter?

If your partner cheated on you sober they made a conscious decision do to so.  However, if they cheated whilst being drunk it could be the result of their subconscious coming out.

Sometimes this could be because the cheater hasn’t come to the conscious decision that they are wanting to end things with their significant partner.

At the beginning of relationships; it’s easy. Little effort is needed to please one another because it’s a fresh start. However, when two people have been together for a while some couples struggle to keep the ‘spark’ alive.

Everyone has done something stupid or embarrassing drunk, cheating being the low of all things. The problem is when people are drunk they are an even more honest version of themselves. This means if they’ve cheated drunk, they may have wanted to do it sober.

Alcohol can cause people to be more confident. Sometimes this confidence can be seen as flirtation by someone else. The definition of flirting is behaving passionately without serious intent.

You may be flirting to boost your ego or to have a laugh. And while flirting is all good and fun it can cause some jealousy and resentment in relationships. Adding alcohol to the mix doesn’t help.

People shouldn’t assume that “I was drunk” is a good enough excuse. Any actions you do when drunk isn’t because you are unaware of doing them, it is simply because you have less care about the consequences.

If you’ve ever been cheated on you know how awful it feels. There are these feelings of sadness, anger, and confusion. But what’s the worst thing is that no matter what you’ve done; you weren’t good enough. It doesn’t matter what kind of infidelity it is, it would still hurt.


Overall no alcohol is not an excuse. If you and your partner think it’s worth the effort then the relationship may be able to be fixed.

If you like this blog post look at my previous one about some of the reasons people cheat.

Gracie x


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