Why I am not allowed to walk at night

If a woman walks alone at night and sees a man between the ages of 20 and 60; she is made to feel terrified.

As a woman, I am constantly told to be afraid of walking alone at night. Parents are always more relieved when their daughters are out with at least one friend they can trust.


However, some incidents always happen anyway. For example, if there is a theft in your neighbours’ house, do you stay in all day so you can guard your house? The definition of an incident just means something happens once in a while to somebody. This means that just because a girl is roaming about in the dark by herself doesn’t mean that something would happen to her.

The only reason that girls are not allowed to roam around at night is due to fear. Your parents, siblings, and friends are all just worried about you.

The media is filled with conversations and debates about feminism. Feminism is the movement of women’s rights being equal to men. So until everyone feels safe walking alone at night, feminism is not over.

Most women fear walking alone at night due to the fact they are scared of being raped or sexually assaulted. This isn’t an irrational fear; as a woman is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes. In fact, women are more than twice as likely to fear walking alone at night than men.

It isn’t fair that women should fear walking at night due to someone’s gender and I’m surprised that more men aren’t mad about this. The fact we fear men in the street is because a portion of men do things that aren’t necessarily illegal, but a little uncomfortable at best.

For example, when a group of drunken boys cat call you when you’re walking home alone, it can be a bit nerve wrecking. Having someone look you up and down as they walk past you isn’t scary but it can make one feel uncomfortable.


Being told we can’t walk at night is just another thing we are oppressed by. It’s under the same category of keeping an eye on our alcoholic drinks and being told what to wear.

People of all genders have a responsibility to make other people of all genders feel safe and secure. Not because we are feminists or whatever; because we’re human.

Gracie x

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