Do Some People Deserve to Die?

Some people’s death would benefit the rest of earth’s population. For example serial killers. However, I feel it’s ironic that in some places to show people that killing is bad, they have to kill.

The world is full of arseholes. There are various different levels of arseholeness; from those who cut in front of you when in a queue, to those who cause serious harm to other people. However, in both cases does the person deserve to die?

It’s quite a strong statement to say, that all _____ deserve to die. Even with serial killers sometimes it’s not something they can stop. For example, if they have a severe mental condition that tells them to kill or cause them not to be able to stop themselves. Are we going to kill them off just because of their flaws?


If you are talking about death as a punishment it wouldn’t really work anyway. Compared to what one can do to the human body, death is a form of relief.

In some cases, people deserve to die due to being a waste of space. For example, if someone is obese to the point it is affecting their health and isn’t doing anything to improve it, well then why bother. The human being, in this case, is a waste of oxygen who will die soon anyway if they carry on doing the same habits.

If every greedy person was a little less greedy we would be able to resolve poverty. The sad thing is that there are people starving in many places across the world and you’re overeating and killing yourself in the process.

What about all of us? The average, everyday person? We may not have done something illegal but have we done something that makes us worthy of death? It is part of the human process anyway, we reproduce to the point it is no longer possible. And then we die. Death isn’t something we can avoid. So maybe we all deserve to die.

Now I am no believer when it comes to religion but if we didn’t deserve to die, wouldn’t God or whoever made some of us immortal?

Besides those who are vegan, we kill animals in order to survive. That hardly seems fair as our death will have no relevance to an animal’s survival. In that case, we are all serial killers. And if serial killers deserve to die then so do we.

Committing suicide used to be illegal and still is in some places in the world. I think if someone wants to die or thinks they deserve to die, they should be allowed to. Especially if they are in such emotional or physical pain to the point it’s more difficult for them to be alive.

No one is really capable of judging whether someone should live or die. Yet those who are actively destructive towards the good of society should be taken care of. Although that does go against our rights.

Each one of us has a right to live. Is there anyone who deserves not to have their rights?

Gracie x


Twitter: @gracievhemphill

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