Why Being a Pessimist isn’t Too Bad

Pessimism is normally linked with negativity and gloom, however being a pessimist isn’t all that bad.

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You expect the worst from people and situations so when anything terrible happens, you were expecting it anyway. It also means when something good happens it’s a bonus. It becomes more exciting as you were not anticipating it. Most of the time we are more realistic and logical than all those optimists.

Research has also shown that having a ‘darker’ outlook on life can be better on your health. Scientists have found that having low expectations of a ‘satisfying life’ can lead to healthier lives. This is due to the fact if you’re a pessimist about the future you are more likely to live more carefully, taking health and safety precautions.

When pessimists are having a down day or are feeling blue the one thing they don’t want to hear is “It’s going to be okay”. Positive thinking in their eyes doesn’t exist. Just because someone has had a worst day than them doesn’t mean their feelings are any less worthy of recognition. We just want to be able to feel how we want to feel so we can regroup ourselves and move on.

In some cases, though it can mentally prepare yourself for a difficult scenario that may arise. We set lower expectations so that when something does go wrong, we’re ready for it.

Even though being a pessimist can be good and prepare you for terrible disasters, don’t let it take over your life. You don’t want to be wasting your energy worrying about every little thing. Only on things that are important. And if something small does go wrong; clean up the mess and move on.

Another thing when you are struggling with something, especially a stressful situation don’t get advice from someone who is a positive thinker. Researchers have found that pressuring a defensive pessimist into looking at the bright side causes the opposite to happen

“The nice thing about pessimism is that you are constantly either being proven right or pleasantly surprised”

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