“I don’t want to go to work today. I’m so lazy”

Being lazy doesn’t exist. It’s just a term we have come up with to define something a lot more complicated than it looks. We’d rather ignore it.

‘Laziness’ is a term we give when we judge something based on what we think it should be.

Here are a list of 6 things you are instead of ‘lazy:

  • Tired. Tired of doing the same repetitive actions and the same fast speed. You continue to do what is expected of you in this fast paced, speed obsessed world. Your body, mind and soul are saying you need stop. Stop hating yourself for needing a break.
  • Overwhelmed. You’ve got to the point where everything has piled up; work, goals and commitments. You’ve got responsibilities and feel guilty not completing your tasks. Admitting you’re human. You now spend all your time on Netflix, drowning in tubs of Ben and Jerry’s whilst you quietly fail. This isn’t you being lazy; this is you not surviving with all the stress.
  • Scared. You’re afraid of things turning out like they always do or just not working out. No one ever said it was going to be easy, however you need to let the past go and start again. Beating yourself up won’t get you motivated.
  • In pain. You’re hurting, holding back or not feeling good enough. Your pain is buried deep down. It’s draining and dragging you down. Making it difficult to do any work.
  • Uninspired. People hate to admit or think about the fact that maybe their dream career isn’t what they thought it would be. They’re not enjoying it anymore and therefore aren’t passionate about it. Make sure whatever you end up pursuing will be something you love.
  • Lost. Sometimes you get to the stage where you generally have no idea what you’re doing or what you want to do. You’re feeling all of the above and don’t know how to get past it. You’re living life on repeat and you want change.

Trying to “overcome laziness” won’t work because that’s not what’s wrong. Forever trying to treat the symptoms than the actual problem. It would be like treating a fever instead of the infection, it will make you feel better for the short term but you’ll still be ill come the morning.

While you can temporarily cure your “laziness” within a month you’ll continue to have feelings of self-loathing.

Having a lack of motivation can be a difficult problem. One thing that can help cure it is to do something you really want to. However when one is unmotivated it means one doesn’t know what they want to do. It could be anything from tidying and rearranging your room to planning to write a novel. Whatever it is start with small steps and slowly work your way up so finally finding your passion and motivation.

Grace x

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