“Youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness”

It’s true that our youth is the most rapidly changing part of our life. However there are events and situations that makes us feel sad.

The dark reality that not a lot of us will not get a career we are passionate about right after school. Some are lucky and possibly have a good university programme that offers them work experience. However so many of us are told to pick the practical route than the passionate. Or to have a plan B.

Our exciting dreams are becoming a basic lifestyle. To be able to earn enough to afford a decent flat/apartment. Possibly even get a cat or dog. With only a small amount of debt. Not “no debt” just a manageable amount.

We are being mocked by the way we use today’s technology. With our selfies on Instagram, our dog filters on Snapchat, our constant texting and always connected internet. If you were born with all this technology, you would be basing your lives around it too.  I’m not going to waste my time physically going to someone’s house to see if they are free to meet up, when I can just send them a message.

The commonplace of mental illness. Everyone knows someone who has a mental illness of some kind, such as depression or anxiety. A lot of older people say that we “should get over it” or that we “have nothing to be depressed about”, however they aren’t dealing with the changing world like we are. Despite all of that being surrounded by emotionally unstable people most of the time is making us feel sad too.

Nostalgia from experiencing technology so young in life. Even though we were born into technology we still remember the days where we would spend hours upon hours outside, enjoying ourselves. We are digital natives but we still have a small memory of when things were different. But things changed so quickly and when we were so young.

None of us feel like adults. Some of us may legally be adults and be doing adulty things. Such as voting, buying alcohol, having a car etc. When are we actually going to feel grown up?

It’s all pretty straightforward unfortunately . When the reality of someone’s life is better than they had expected, they are happy. When the reality turns out to be worse, they’re unhappy.

You get taught that life works out for those who work hard. But all we do is work and we get nothing in return. All we get is criticism, rejections and tips on how to be better.

Because of this we all feel inadequate.

Grace x



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