As people we love to do things that makes us happy. If something is making you feel the opposite, then why would you continue to pursue it. Even if something is illegal, dangerous or superficial, we do it due to the fulfilment we get from it.

When someone gets hurt, depending on the seriousness of the pain, they will spend time healing and grieving. For some people they will push people away until they feel strong enough, to go through the process of possible future hurt.

As humans we are normally very sociable creatures and so to desire these lonely environments for long periods of time is unusual.

Some people feel they need friends as other forms of companionship other than family and partners. They see them as resources. But if you already have a caring partner or family, why would you waste your time and energy on friends?

You may have people you class as friends during school or work time, but if you don’t put in the effort to contact them outside these times are they really your friends? Or just people you socialise with when it’s convenient?

And what about fitting in with the majority of society? Sometimes you can be of similar age to someone and have no interests in common. I’m not going to waste my time being someone I’m not, just to have “friends”.

A lot of people say it’s not nature to not have friends. It’s not like I’m completely socially inept. I just communicate with as little people as possible. Less risk of them hurting me or me hurting them.

To clear the air me not wanting friends doesn’t me I’m autistic, depressed or anything of similar categories. I’m still imperfectly normal.

I’ve never been the “popular” girl and I never want to be in all honesty. Seems like a lot of unnecessary effort. I’ve had problems with keeping friends ever since I was a young girl and I have now come to realise that I don’t need them anyways.

Grace x


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