The Different Kinds of Toxic People

Unfortunately, there are people in this world who grow up constantly being that bully on the school playground. However, that bully at school will, at the most, give you a few bruises or spread some lies about you round your classmates. Whereas the toxic people you meet later on in life can really break you.

They will harass and control you. This unnecessary stress can cause some problems later on in life. Those who are in a relationship with a toxic person tend to spend their time bending and changing to make the relationship work with the other person.

In cases like these, the victim hasn’t “allowed” anything to happen. Toxic people are toxic by nature and the victim couldn’t have done anything to stop, prevent or know it was going to happen. Here are a few kinds of toxic people and the behaviour to look out for.

The Egotist:

Those who are full of themselves believe they are better, even superior, than everyone else. Being with someone who treats you with a lack of respect will ruin your personal development. Arrogant people will just intimidate and annoy you.

The Envious:

When you have made a victory they would much rather be part of your success than be with you. Though they may seem happy about your achievement, they will have a hidden resentment. You want to have supporters for your low and high times, however, this kind of toxic person will never be happy for you. Ever.

The Pretentious:

They only tend to stay with you when it suits them. As soon as you need any kind of help they will vanish. They can’t be relied on and due to this, your relationship will have certain boundaries.

The Reverse:

These type of people tend to make you take a step backward than any forward. They ruin any kind of progress and make you go back to your habits from before. They want you to be the same person you were. This type of toxic person can sometimes be hard to pinpoint. But just remember to always focus on what you want for the future, no matter what anyone else thinks.

The Judgemental:

They will criticise you for every little thing you do rather than appreciate what you have done right. They aren’t good listeners. You could take the time to explain what it is you are trying to achieve and none of it will be taken in. Trying to ignore their negative talk will help.

The Controller:

They are control freaks. They are also quite sly and will manipulate you to fulfill their desires. This kind of toxic person can also be a terrible listener as they believe they know everything and know what’s good for everyone and so won’t bother. These ones are quite hard to change and so might as well leave when you can.

The Liar:

Everyone lies and lies are common. However, if someone is constantly lying, it gets to the point where you don’t know whether you can trust them anymore. You can’t trust liars and it is hard to count on them because you can never tell if they are being honest or not.

The Gossiper:

These insecure people will twist facts and information. They may be doing this kind of behaviour to fit in or to get attention. These people are cancerous and cause more problems than what it is worth to have them in your life.

The Parasite:

These negative people will drain you of all your positive energy. They thrive on everyone around them being down. They tend not to be supportive of anything you do and will point out where you can fail. Their intentions are based purely on their self-interest.

The Victim:

The victim will never take responsibility for anything and will constantly blame others for their actions and mistakes. This finger-pointing can cause a domino effect when it comes to the blame game.

There is your list of the toxic people you may meet in your life. You can have toxic people anywhere in life, such as a relationship, friendship or work colleagues. One person could even be a mixture of those names above.

Some of these toxic people are a lot worse than others but even way you should avoid people with any of these characteristics.

Gracie x


Twitter: @gracievhemphill

IG: @graciehemphill



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