Lucid dreaming is where you are dreaming but know you are having a dream at the time. It’s any experience you are aware of during the REM stage of your sleep. People tend to want to begin to lucid dream as they want to experience things they would never be able to in real life e.g. fly through the sky or taste fire.

We’re not normally aware that we are dreaming but lucid dreaming is the only exception where you are conscious enough to become aware. Lucid dreamers will remember who they are and be able to act purposely in this vivid, possibly lifelike, world.

Within that world a person will try to manipulate their dreams. Lucid dreamers beginners try to attempt to control any actions in their dreams. They will also try to do things that aren’t possible in reality. Researchers have found that the brain waves of those lucid dreaming have a “hybrid state of consciousness”.

Everyone has dreams, even if we can’t remember them, therefore everyone should be able to lucid dream. Researchers have found that everyone will have at least one lucid dream in their life, even if it is by accident.

The first time doing lucid dreaming will always be the most difficult but over time it will get easier. There are several things you can do that will help with lucid dreaming. These include:

  • Keeping a dream journal. Just write a couple of sentences of your dreams every night, even just the ordinary ones.
  • Doing reality checks. All this involves is every few hours, no matter where you are, just ask yourself “Am I dreaming?”. To prove to yourself that you are not dreaming pinch yourself. Or try reading some text as in dreams you can’t read for more than a few seconds.
  • Staying focused. In order to be conscious in your dream world you have to be conscious in your real world. All this involves is really taking in what you feel, see, taste and hear in your every day life.
  • Telling yourself you’re about to dream all the things you will see when falling asleep. Say it out loud just minutes before you fall asleep.

There have said to be benefits of lucid dreaming, including, improvement of problem solving skills, improving memory and self-confidence and reducing the amount of nightmares experienced. Although lucid dreaming is normally harmless, people can lose a sense of reality and can even bring back any pre-existing mental illnesses.

Grace x



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