Why Are We So Obsessed With Labels?

No, I don’t mean designer labels, that’s a completely different blog post.

Labels are used for other people to recognise you with, whether you want one or not you will be labelled. This can be the case whether you are labelled because of mental illness, a choice in sexuality or gender or because of your personality.

As humans, we like to split people up into their own stereotypes or classifications due to the labels being used. We have all done it at some stage and maybe we need to learn how to be less judgemental.

Sometimes people label others because it makes them feel superior in some way. Especially if the labels are having a negative effect on the person who has to hear them. This kind of thing is what starts bullying.

People feel a sense of fear related to things they don’t quite understand. Whether that be an unknown mental illness, a race, sexuality or how some people act. Whatever it happens to be that is different, that scares us so to make us feel better, we label it. In reality, labels are there to make the unknown a little less frightening.

We are in a society where we are constantly told to “Be Yourself” yet we continuously try to conform to all these labels. It’s ironic that we are always stating that our race, sexuality or gender doesn’t define who we are, yet as soon as we show a “flaw” we blame it on our labels. “Oh, sorry for being so emotional. That’s what happens when your star sign is Cancer.”

Why are we so obsessed with being perfect?

One of my pet hates is when people do one minor thing unlike “normal” behaviour and then say “Oh, I’m probably a bit OCD” or “Yeah I probably have ADHD or something”.

No. If you really thought you had any of these behavioural or mental difficulties you would have seen someone about it and got a proper diagnosis.

It’s even worse when parents excuse their child’s naughty behaviour because they throw whatever label works at the time. I’m not talking about those who have actually been diagnosed with something, I’m talking about those parents in denial about their child’s behaviour. Sorry to disappoint but your child is just a pain in the arse and needs to be disciplined.

If you have been diagnosed with something or associate yourself with a different gender or sexuality don’t feel people have to treat you differently because of it. If someone is treating you with a lack of respect, let them know you dislike it.

Gracie x

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