Dear Fat People

Dear Fat People

Now I know you’ve had a lot on your plate but hear me out. It went from being “huggable”, to being slightly overweight and now when you look down you can’t see your toes and your ankles barely exist. Everywhere you walk it’s like you’re auditioning for a part in a zombie film.

They say everything is bigger in America, and having spent two weeks in Disneyland in Florida, I can now see how true that statement is. Being pushed and shoved in queues from people who can’t fit in the ride in the first place.  No ride seat is comfortable but if it’s leaving marks on your thighs you need to rethink your life. Isn’t it embarrassing to be kicked off a ride because your too fat?

It’s quite disgusting that there are people dying from lack of food and you’re there eating for three.

What really makes me laugh is you’ll eat through two double cheeseburgers and three portions of French fries but better have a large diet coke because that’s what is making you fat.

Also the products that state that they are low-fat have a lot of added sugar put into them to make them taste better. And do you know what excess sugar turns into when it is not needed?


For every fat child you have two fat parents. Whatever habits you do your child does. If you feel like having MacDonald’s every day for the rest of your short life, so does your child. If you don’t feel like vegetables, so does your child. If you feel like overfeeding yourself, so does your child.

Even if you try to cook healthy for your child whatever behaviours you do on a daily basis your child will learn and copy. For example those who smoke tend to have children who will grow up to smoke. It’s the same with eating habits.

Unfortunately Tommy now has to deal with having moobs bigger than the majority of the girls in his year.

Now when I say lose weight don’t cut corners. Don’t get lazy. Which you’re probably used to. Don’t buy any pills or potions which state that you will lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time because that’s just people’s way of getting your money. They tend not to work and if they do you gain the weight all back again after you stop taking them. Naturally train your body to eat smaller, healthier portions and to do some exercise.

I’m not asking you to run a marathon but 20 minutes a day of exercise would make such a difference. Whether this means you go for a quick run round your neighbourhood each day or starting to walk places rather than drive. For example if it is a 30 minute walk or less you probably don’t need the car. You may even surprise yourself by enjoying it.

If you’re really hungry you’ll be satisfied with fruit as snacks rather than crisps and chocolate. Change Coca Cola or Fanta to water. You don’t have to completely rearrange your lifestyle just take reasonable objections each day and it’s a start.

If you do relapse and eat a biscuit it’s not the end of the world, you don’t have to eat the whole tin and say the diet is over.

Make realistic expectations for what you think you can achieve. There is no point thinking that you will see results instantly, this new plan of yours will take time and you have to be patient. But I promise you it will be worth it.

What you want to hear me say is everyone is beautiful in their own way no matter their weight, but unfortunately I’m not going to say that because you would never try to change if people were constantly telling you it is ok.

I’m not trying to be rude but you’re more likely to die from things, such as heart disease, when your fat.

So what are you waiting for?




26 Things You’ll Know If You Went To An All Girls’ Private School

26 Things You’ll Know If You Went To An All Girls’ Private School
  • There was always one house that would somehow win all the events, every year. If you weren’t in that winning house you always felt there was some kind of favouritism going on.

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  • You sometimes go students whose mum or dad had been to the school before them. You would be able to find them on the school pictures from ages ago hung up on the wall.
  • You had to go into school on bank holidays.

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  • You took a few classes that had less than 10 people in it. Due to the fact your school was so small, though these classes were always the most fun.
  • New kids were always such a big deal. Again due to the small numbers everyone wanted to be able to look after the new girl.
  • Image result for a new student at your school was always a big deal gifEvery time you did something bad, your teachers would remind you that your parents are paying  a lot for your education.

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  • Your parents would also remind you as well.

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  • Those summer holidays though. When you broke up 3 weeks before all the state schools.

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  • You had a rivalry against the local state school, based on the fact you were ‘posh twats’. Or due to your stylish school uniform.
  • When it was mufti and you didn’t have to wear that stupid uniform. Mufti days involved weeks of planning and shopping to get the perfect outfit.

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  • When you stay up too late and found it difficult to stay awake in church. Even if I got decent sleep I struggled to stay awake in church

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  • Everyone knows everyone so you couldn’t exactly hide. If there was a rumour going on about you whether you walked you would get stares.

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  • You were with the same people for a good 10 years or more. By the end you were sick of the same drama and attention seekers.

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  • Even though there were no boys your skirts were rolled up to inappropriate level.

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  •  Year 8 school discos always had a split down the room. Apart from a couple cocky dickheads the rest of you were too shy to socialise with anyone else.

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  • After two years though that all boys’ school down the road and your school had an unbreakable bond.

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  • Many of you developed obsessive crushes on boys in that previously mentioned school.

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  • Your teacher had a years supply of makeup wipes. You can’t trick anyone in believing that those are what natural eyelashes look like.
  • When teachers first discussed periods with you, it was all giggles.

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  • But then you realised you could use it to your advantage. Those PE lessons where you couldn’t be bothered you had that one excuse that no one could tell you off for…until they realised this was the third week in a row using that excuse.

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  • PE lessons consisted of netball or hockey instead of football or rugby. Even if you moaned to the teachers enough the best you got was touch rugby.

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  • The taller girls in drama class had no choice when it came to playing male roles.
  • Everyone thought everyone else was secretly a lesbian .

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  • Whenever someone was the first time to ever do anything with a boy, hell broke loose. Suddenly this girl was the centre of everything.

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  • There’s no such word as over-sharing in your vocabulary. Whenever anything remotely exciting happened you’d tell people.  

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  • When it came to going to a college or sixth form with boys, it was a big shock to the system. Once you get confident you end up being closer with the boys than girls at your college.


Why You Shouldn’t Pursue a Career You’re Passionate About

Why You Shouldn’t Pursue a Career You’re Passionate About

There are two things in life people have to distinguish between. Activities you are passionate about and activities you’re naturally good at. If you’re passionate about something you are naturally good at, then this blog post is pointless to you and i envy you.

You always get told to pursue something you can really enjoy and put 110% of your effort in every day. You get told if you really love your job then it won’t feel like you’ve worked a day. That, my friend, is passion. It is always good to go for a career or job that you feel passionate about, because you are likely to have that job for the majority of your life.

However being passionate about something doesn’t necessarily mean you are any good at it. For example, I had a passion for forensic science. I watched too many CSI type programmes and when I grew up I wanted to pick apart dead bodies. Unfortunately there was a problem.

I can’t do science to save my life.

So it didn’t matter how much I loved the idea of the job, I could put 110% in and still fail. I passed science at GCSE and went to continue doing Biology at A Level and failed the first year. So I decided to give up my dream.

Being naturally good at something also doesn’t mean you’re passionate about it. After experiencing the heartache of not being able to pursue forensic science, I decided to re-think my plan A.

At College I also decided to study Creative Writing. It wasn’t because I thought I was any good at the subject or that I would use the qualification in the future. I studied it because I needed a space to fill and felt I would enjoy it. Over the two years I discovered that I’m not too bad at writing, whether that be fictional or not.

I didn’t think I wanted to go into a writing career when I started College but by the end of the two years I had changed my mind. After all it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

Am I passionate about writing? No, there are days where I just don’t have the motivation to put a pen to paper. Or in this case, my fingers to a keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing and I’m pretty good at it. Or so I’ve been told. Bit like when your parents tell you you’re pretty, people could be telling me my work is good to make me feel better.

All in all, my main point of this blog post was to say just because you’re passionate about something, doesn’t mean you should take it up as a day job.

Grace x

Myths About Bisexuality

Myths About Bisexuality

There are a lot of stereotypes linked with bisexuality that some people believe to be true. Bisexuality being the sexual attraction towards both sexes. Bisexuality is like the middle child of the sexual orientations. It’s a definition not a lot of people agree with and this can cause confusion and hatred. I’m here to clear the air, being a middle child myself.

  • Bisexuals are sluts. Just because we have more options to choose from doesn’t mean we’re going to go for multiple people at once. Some bisexual are non-monogamous and go with the flow, but there are also some non-bisexual people who do the same thing. Even if one is in a non-monogamous relationship, it doesn’t make them a slut.
  • Bisexual women only do it to turn on straight boys. There are girls like that but you only tend to find them at college. Besides the small few that do it for attention, most bisexual women find perverted, catcalling guys to be quite irritating.
  • Bisexuals are confused. This is probably the most common myth that bisexuals are sick of hearing. A lot of people also assume it’s just a gateway sexuality until someone comes out as gay or lesbian. While some people do that you can also get someone going from straight to bisexual, possibly having a moment of bicuriosity in the middle. If someone associates themselves with being bisexual assume they know what they are.


  • Bisexuality is a phase. While coming out as gay or lesbian is scary admitting you’re bisexual is basically saying you have no preference. It’s like going on a roundabout and it’s understandable why people see bisexuality a stepping stone to a more stable sexuality. However this devalues bisexuality as a sexuality. It takes a lot of courage to come out, whether that be as gay or bisexual.
  • Bisexuals love threesomes. While this myth makes sense it is still fairly irritating. Yes, having two of your favourite things at once is nice, but it is also awkward and likely to end in tears. You either have couples wanting to experiment with you or horny heterosexual boyfriends who think it will work out like it does on porn. Nah.
  • The only bisexuals are women. Guys can be bisexual as well. Enough said.

I’m sure there are many more myths travelling around the internet but those are the ones I felt like discussing. Another thing about bisexuality is that you can be more attracted to one gender than to another, it’s not all 50/50. In general, people can be more attracted to another gender physically but possibly not emotionally or mentally and vice versa. That’s why bisexuals can still have monogamous relationships with one gender.

Think before you judge.

Grace x