There are a lot of stereotypes linked with bisexuality that some people believe to be true. Bisexuality being the sexual attraction towards both sexes. Bisexuality is like the middle child of the sexual orientations. It’s a definition not a lot of people agree with and this can cause confusion and hatred. I’m here to clear the air, being a middle child myself.

  • Bisexuals are sluts. Just because we have more options to choose from doesn’t mean we’re going to go for multiple people at once. Some bisexual are non-monogamous and go with the flow, but there are also some non-bisexual people who do the same thing. Even if one is in a non-monogamous relationship, it doesn’t make them a slut.
  • Bisexual women only do it to turn on straight boys. There are girls like that but you only tend to find them at college. Besides the small few that do it for attention, most bisexual women find perverted, catcalling guys to be quite irritating.
  • Bisexuals are confused. This is probably the most common myth that bisexuals are sick of hearing. A lot of people also assume it’s just a gateway sexuality until someone comes out as gay or lesbian. While some people do that you can also get someone going from straight to bisexual, possibly having a moment of bicuriosity in the middle. If someone associates themselves with being bisexual assume they know what they are.


  • Bisexuality is a phase. While coming out as gay or lesbian is scary admitting you’re bisexual is basically saying you have no preference. It’s like going on a roundabout and it’s understandable why people see bisexuality a stepping stone to a more stable sexuality. However this devalues bisexuality as a sexuality. It takes a lot of courage to come out, whether that be as gay or bisexual.
  • Bisexuals love threesomes. While this myth makes sense it is still fairly irritating. Yes, having two of your favourite things at once is nice, but it is also awkward and likely to end in tears. You either have couples wanting to experiment with you or horny heterosexual boyfriends who think it will work out like it does on porn. Nah.
  • The only bisexuals are women. Guys can be bisexual as well. Enough said.

I’m sure there are many more myths travelling around the internet but those are the ones I felt like discussing. Another thing about bisexuality is that you can be more attracted to one gender than to another, it’s not all 50/50. In general, people can be more attracted to another gender physically but possibly not emotionally or mentally and vice versa. That’s why bisexuals can still have monogamous relationships with one gender.

Think before you judge.

Grace x


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