Why You Shouldn’t Pursue a Career You’re Passionate About

There are two things in life people have to distinguish between. Activities you are passionate about and activities you’re naturally good at. If you’re passionate about something you are naturally good at, then this blog post is pointless to you and I envy you.

You always get told to pursue something you can really enjoy and put 110% of your effort in every day. You get told if you really love your job then it won’t feel like you’ve worked a day. That, my friend, is passion. It is always good to go for a career or job that you feel passionate about because you are likely to have that job for the majority of your life.

However being passionate about something doesn’t necessarily mean you are any good at it. For example, I had a passion for forensic science. I watched too many CSI type programmes and when I grew up I wanted to pick apart dead bodies. Unfortunately, there was a problem.

I can’t do science to save my life.

So it didn’t matter how much I loved the idea of the job, I could put 110% in and still fail. I passed science at GCSE and went to continue doing Biology at A Level and failed the first year. So I decided to give up my dream.

Being naturally good at something also doesn’t mean you’re passionate about it. After experiencing the heartache of not being able to pursue forensic science, I decided to re-think my plan A.

At College, I also decided to study Creative Writing. It wasn’t because I thought I was any good at the subject or that I would use the qualification in the future. I studied it because I needed a space to fill and felt I would enjoy it. Over the two years, I discovered that I’m not too bad at writing, whether that be fictional or not.

I didn’t think I wanted to go into a writing career when I started College but by the end of the two years, I had changed my mind. After all, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

Am I passionate about writing? No, there are days where I just don’t have the motivation to put a pen to paper. Or in this case, my fingers to a keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing and I’m pretty good at it. Or so I’ve been told. A bit like when your parents tell you “You’re pretty”, people could be telling me my work is good to make me feel better.

All in all, my main point of this blog post was to say just because you’re passionate about something, doesn’t mean you should take it up as a day job.

Gracie x

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2 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Pursue a Career You’re Passionate About

  1. I think if you are passionate about something, you are more likely to work towards being better at it. I hate my day job, completely. I want to do want I’m passionate about, and that’s writing.

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    1. I agree with you. Part of the rewarding beauty and satisfaction of pursuing something you’re passionate about, especially when you find it hard, is the feeling of joy when you manage to be successful in your desired career. I don’t believe anyone should give up on themselves and their passion because it’s hard. It all depends on what your take on life is, but I believe it is a twisty journey full of setbacks and knocks and failures, that all ultimately lead to success. Life’s too short, do what your heart desires x

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