Why Do We Need Underwear That Prevents Sexual Assault?

There's this video that has been all over social media recently that shows this new underwear, a company has made, that will apparently prevent anyone from sexually assaulting you. If you haven't seen it yet here it is. I think it's great that we now have things in place to prevent situations, such as rape, however, [...]

Is Being Attractive Overrated?

When I was in my early teens and was attending an all-girls school, a lot of my year were obsessing over boys and wanting a boyfriend, as you'd expect. The advice I used to get from my peers is that to get a boy's attention I needed to look attractive, to wear makeup, wear pretty clothes and [...]

Maybe Your Comfort Zone Isn’t So Comfortable.

Most people aren't where they want to be in life because of their comfort zone. Your comfort zone is this little bubble, where life is bliss and easy. You've made yourself at home in this comfort zone, you've got a bed, bean bag, blankets, things that make it comfortable. Obviously otherwise it would have been called [...]

Your Kid Isn’t Special.

Some children are born with behavioural or learning difficulties, such as being on the autistic spectrum or having ADHD. The main obvious difference between these children and 'normal' children are generally the way they socialise with other people. They sometimes don't understand body language or take words too literally. Certain children will show different characteristics, so it [...]