Small talk is about the worst thing everyone has to experience and normally involves topics such as weekends and people’s activities. My weekends are never interesting, please stop asking.

But in the first few days of January, instead people get to ask you about what you shall change about yourself or your daily routine to make yourself a better person.

Unfortunately, I don’t care.

Anyway everyone’s resolutions are always the same three options: to eat less unhealthy food, to do more exercise and to drink less alcohol. And by the first week you’ve already failed.

Just because it is a new year doesn’t mean you are magically a different and somewhat better version of yourself. You start each year with that same hangover, don’t kid yourself.

People tend to choose their resolutions on the fact they think it will do them some good and not because they are actually excited or passionate about it. This is why most people fail. Just because you think you should lose weight doesn’t mean you will. You have to find something that you are interested by and also will have a better impact on your life.

What makes it worse also is that you end up feeling guilty when you eventually relapse. Not only have you failed your resolution but you’re not even enjoying that chocolate bar.

Habits are hard to break and have been formed over time. We are not just going to change our habits because we got out a new calendar. However our old habits can help us out in achieving our resolutions. For example, join the local gym with a friend and then you can socialize whilst working out and losing weight.

Another thing this whole sorting-out-your-life business doesn’t have to necessarily only be done on new years.  Sort out your life whenever you feel like it, you don’t have to wait all year to do it.



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