When it comes to decision-making many people suggest you have to be logical and can’t let emotions get in the way. You have to be rational and therefore ignore what your heart is feeling and focus on what your brain is thinking.

If certain emotions, such as anger or jealously, get in the way of any decision you may end up thinking illogically.

What many people fail to understand is that no one is suggesting that emotions are a substitute to logical thoughts, you have to balance the use of both emotions and logic in order to make a successful conclusion.

Even when people believe they are using just logic to make a decision, they probably aren’t. When it comes to humans making moral judgments we are all susceptible to emotions. Whether we want to be or not.

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In terms of being persuasive, we can use only logic or only emotion, but it would have a short termed effect. Using both emotion and logic would have a better effect. With logic being the foundation to the use of emotions, people react with emotions and then would justify their actions with facts and evidence.

Psychologists in the past believed that in order to make a decision about something you had to care about it in the first place. This meant that your rationality was a slave to your emotions. Which is pretty much how it works today.

Emotions are somewhat necessary to rational reasoning. The ironic thing is that without emotional our conclusions are irrational and absurd.

There have been researchers in the past who studied people who had suffered brain damage, damage to the part that dealt with emotions. What the researchers found is that these people who had suffered the brain damage, couldn’t make decisions, they could describe things in logical terms, but without emotions they couldn’t make decisions. Even simple things like what to eat.

Therefore doesn’t this study suggest that as well as being rational you must have emotions in order to make a decision. Without the impulsive need or urge for something how can we work out what we want?

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