The news story about Trump signing the Order on the Abortion Policy went viral as it now means that the funding for abortions will be dramatically reduced. As you can imagine, this made a few people just slightly upset, as many health groups will be threatened.

In all honesty, I think more of us should be anti-abortion.

Now hear me out before I get a stampede of haters. There is only one reason a couple or woman decides to have an abortion; because they don’t want the baby.

There is now a possibility of two reasons for not wanting the baby, the first one being that the parents have gone through various testing and found that the baby has a high chance of getting a certain genetic disease or illness that may or may not be life threatening. I understand that first reason for those parents wanting to have an abortion; it involves a lot of hard work and heart-break. If you are not financially or emotionally ready to deal with caring for a child with a genetic disorder, that’s understandable. Having an abortion in this case doesn’t make you horrible parents or murderers, it just makes you logical and reasonable thinkers.

However, the second reason for not wanting the baby is well, because you didn’t want the baby.

If you are old enough to be having sex than I think you are mature enough to work out the consequences of having sex. It actually disgusts me when I hear that teenagers have already had multiple abortions. Even if you were stupid enough to not be on a pill of some kind or not use condoms, they have the morning after pill for situations like this.

Abortion is not a form of contraception.

You’re either completely incompetent or just lazy if you think it is and I don’t know what is worse.

I understand there are those rare occurrences where whatever contraception you are using hasn’t worked, but most types are 97% effective or more if used properly.

If you were never planning to have a baby then you should have prepared yourself for it being unlikely to happen. It’s ok holding up signs that say “Her body, her choice!”, but what about the baby’s choice?

When you have an abortion the maximum number of weeks you can have it is at 24 weeks pregnant. 24 weeks is just over 5 months pregnant.

Your baby had a bloody heart beat.

The baby you decided to abort could have grown up to be absolutely anything. It could have had children of its own. It could have travelled the world. It could have become successful in its favourite hobby.

But instead it was an unwanted foetus inside of you.

Grace x


One thought on “Can You Hear Its Heart Beat?

  1. I completely agree with the fact that abortion is not a type of contraception. I also think it’s very disappointing that so many teenagers are getting abortions so frequently as it puts a bad image on teenagers that have been careful and used contraception properly but accidentally ended up pregnant.
    You talk about parents not being emotionally or financially ready for a child with a genetic disorder but what if they are still these things with an assumingly perfectly healthy baby? Does that mean that they shouldn’t have an abortion?
    You say that the baby doesn’t get the choice however they are just a feotus so I guess that poses the more philosophical question of when life begins and if a foetus counts as a human with a choice. I understand you saying that the choice is being taken away from a potential human being with what could be a great life with lots of great opportunities, but to be honest they could also have a really poor quality of life -especially if the parent(s) do have financial and emotional issues that come with this pregnancy, like you mentioned earlier.
    Yes having sex does always come with the risk of becoming pregnant but I don’t think you could ask people to refrain from having sex whilst using contacteption simply because they don’t want children.


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