Whilst the amount of people, who are unwilling to expect those who aren’t heterosexual has reduced, there still seems to be some confusion. People are still ignorant when it comes to the change and suggest that it is considered “cool” to be gay or bisexual. I also think it is unacceptable that those who aren’t straight have to let everyone know in an announcement known as “coming out”.

No one is choosing to be gay or bisexual because it looks cool or because it is the “in thing”. No one is choosing to be gay or bisexual, full stop.

Because it isn’t something that one chooses to be or not to be.

Yes, there are more people coming out and joining the gay community but that’s not because it has suddenly become popular. It is because more people are becoming open to the idea of others being gay or bisexual, making it a more comfortable experience for those who do decide to come out.

Now I am not saying that there are no homophobic people in the world because there still are. We will probably always have a problem with homophobic people, whether this be due to how people are bought up or those who are sceptical to change.

The reason people are ignorant is because they believe being gay is a choice. Religious people give out misinformation so that it can fit their agenda. I’m not religious so not 100% sure on this but I believe that most religions state that being gay or bisexual is a sin. Therefore, if people are told that being gay is a choice it makes us look like we have “naughty child syndrome”, rather than them being the control freaks.

Some people even suggest that bisexuality doesn’t exist, they assume someone is confused or is experimenting whilst they are single. They assume you can either be straight or gay and not both.

What a lot of people think is that bisexuality has an on/off switch, for example some people think I’d wake up one morning and choose to be a lesbian but the next morning I’d choose to be straight. However, that isn’t the case. You could at any moment want to become intimate with a male or a female. Most who define as bisexual tend to feel more feelings towards one sex than another and may be more gay than straight and vice versa.

Bisexuality is a confusing topic and even though there have been studies done that prove bisexuality, there is still a lot we don’t know yet. The researchers that conducted those studies gave images to the participants and the results showed that a certain number of them got aroused by both images of males and females, proving that bisexuality exists.

Sexuality is so complex and it doesn’t just involve you waking up and choosing what you want to be. That isn’t how sexuality works; there is straight, there is gay and then there are multiple sexualities in the middle. All of them exist and whatever someone defines as doesn’t make them any less of a person compared to someone else.

Riddle me this; if being gay is a choice when did you decide to be straight?

People use definitions to make sense of what is going on in their head. It is extremely comforting to know that a word exists to explain your situation.

You are bought up and continued to be taught what is socially acceptable. Little do you know the thoughts in your head are just as acceptable as anyone else’s.

Grace x


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