Valentine’s Day is Pretty Pointless.

When you’re younger you are taught that Valentine’s Day is this special day set aside for you and your other half to spend time together, spoiling one another. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised if the relationship is real enough you shouldn’t even need to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day, back when I was single, I used to get depressed and feel lonely whenever I saw that people were enjoying themselves together and I was by myself. Couples would post pictures, whether that be selfies together or photos of gifts. But yesterday I realised if you’re having to take pictures you’re not really enjoying yourself, especially if it’s a picture of the gifts you got. That’s you basically saying “Hey, look my boyfriend/girlfriend is better than yours”.

In all honesty, people put things on social media for attention. The only reason I know that is because when I’m feeling down I put up a selfie on social media, I’m somewhat attractive to most and I’m guaranteed to get likes. Those likes make me feel better about myself. If you’re with the one you love, why should you need any attention?

You’re spending so much time letting everyone on Facebook know you love your partner, that you’re not letting your partner know that you love them.

My boyfriend and I spent the day together but we didn’t post anything on social media, mainly because we are very lazy and couldn’t be bothered but also we didn’t care enough to put anything up. We don’t get a lot of time to spend together so we didn’t feel the need to waste that time planning Facebook and Instagram posts.

In terms of sales, companies up the price of flowers and fancy chocolates because apparently, that’s what makes a girl happy. You must dress up all fancy and book dinner reservations. You put so much pressure on the night going as planned. I can’t be bothered with dressing up fancy, I would much rather you tell me you ordered pizza and Netflix was on.

Overall, being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you are alone or lonely. Those in a relationship should treat each other the way they do on Valentine’s Day every day. And if you are going to buy gifts for your other half, do it about a week before and then you won’t be ripped off.

And for those who propose on Valentine’s Day, just please be more original.

Grace Hemphill x

One response to “Valentine’s Day is Pretty Pointless.”

  1. Was a good post to read. I also think Valentines is pointless and agree you should treat them like that all year round. I also think Valentines puts too much pressure on couples celebrating each other and that it should be okay for single people to use valentines to show their friends and family that they love them also.


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