The Friend Zone Doesn’t Exist

For those who don’t know, the Friend Zone is where someone gets rejected as a romantic partner but the two people involved are still happily friends. However, the one who gets rejected continuously tries to get into the other persons’ pants. Or they continuously moan to their mates about being stuck in the “Friend Zone”.
The majority of people who tend to complain about the “Friend Zone” are “nice guys”, who are so nice to the point they are more like a brother to you than someone who you would be interested in.
However, one thing people fail to understand is that being nice to someone doesn’t mean that person owes you sex. Just because you are a decent human being for once in your life doesn’t mean you deserve a reward.
The way little children are disciplined is normally by giving them a reward for every time they are well-behaved. This is also what some adult males expect.
The Friend Zone lies in the same category as the saying, “Nice guys finish last”. These ‘Nice guys’ use this phrase and the “Friend Zone” as an excuse as to why they’re single. The reason these guys are single is normally because they are aiming way above about they can achieve. They think they are the bees’ knees. I mean there is a reason why Beyoncé is with Jay-Z.
People tend to look for their equal. No one wants to settle or constantly worry they aren’t good enough. Nice guys don’t finish last, they finish first in being an idiot.
I’m sure you’re very nice but you just won’t have anything in common with whoever has put you in the “Friend Zone”.
Also, if a hot girl rejects you for another guy, it doesn’t mean that all girls date dickheads. You are just upset by this girl’s choice in a partner because you wish it was you.
In all honesty, sometimes these “nice guys” aren’t even that nice.

Grace Hemphill x

One response to “The Friend Zone Doesn’t Exist”

  1. Great points. yes, sometimes the “nice guys” are not nice – and just dishonest enough to act like a friend when they actually want a lay.

    On the other hand, persistence sometimes pays off – but, usually the payoff isn’t’ long term – if you friend-zoned them, there’s probably not enough there to have it all the sudden be a match made in heaven.

    Great post, thank you for sharing. following.


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