Society has Caused Women to Fear Men

On average, the two sexes are fairly similar, besides actual biological and physical differences, there aren’t many differences between men and women. We all want the same things in life, to succeed and be happy.

However, women may not necessarily be the superior sex but we do have the power to utterly destroy a man’s life.

How? By spending the night out with a guy, having a couple drinks of an alcoholic beverage and ending the evening with sex. In the morning, you can state to the police that you were too drunk to give consent and that you were raped.

Even if they guy escapes prison, it would be very difficult to get a job as he would always be known as a possible rapist.

Society has made it a sad reality that women can lie about this kind of thing and then proceed to get away with it. I think it is disgusting, there are people out there struggling to tell their stories to the police. Whilst it is very rare for a woman to do this but the fact that we could do this and get away with it is what scares me.

Whilst women have the power to destroy a man’s life, they do have to live in a constant state of awareness and fear when they are around new people or settings. Society has made it so that women feel unsafe in their environment.

Schrödinger’s rapist is a concept based on Schrödinger’s Cat. The main point of the theory is that when a woman first meets a man in an unfamiliar setting, they have to keep their mind open to all possibilities. The man they are with may or may not be a rapist, they won’t know this until the man starts sexual assaulting them. We don’t know what’s inside your head or what your intentions are, so you can’t expect us to trust you the first time meeting you.

The point of Schrödinger’s Cat is that the cat in the box has the possibility of being dead or alive. We don’t know because it is in the box and whilst we can calculate the probability of it being dead or alive, we won’t know for certain until the box is open.

It is the same when we meet a man for the first time. There will always be the possibility of him being a rapist. We continue to know more and collect information about the new acquaintance. This information doesn’t necessarily erase the uncertainty but it changes the odds. Until the box is open and this man commits a rape, we will never be able to know if he is a rapist or not.


Personally, I don’t mean to live in a mindset that men are always out to harm me. I’ve grown up being taught that men are always out to harm me.

When I was younger, having close friends who were girls was absolutely fine. Yet, if I was ever friends with any boys or mentioned a boy’s name, all hell broke loose. Suddenly my parents wanted to know everything and there were all these rules. I had to be careful what I was wearing. How I was acting. I shouldn’t show too much cleavage or kiss on the first date.

I was always told that boys only thought about one thing and that they were all animals.

We have now all grown up to fear these animals. When in reality we are all the same.

Gracie x


Twitter: @gracievhemphill

IG: @graciehemphill

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