Does Being Attractive Make Life Easier?

I never used to consider myself attractive. Puberty definitely took its time with me and whilst everyone was turning into attractive young adults I was stood in the corner; skinny and full of acne.

Over the last few years, I have grown a lot more confident with myself and the way I look. My beauty didn’t arrive all in the space of one evening but little things gradually changed about myself and I became happier.

We live in a society where, people say they won’t, but still judge you by your looks. You’re constantly told not to “judge a book by its cover”, yet we still do. But, does being attractive mean life is easier?

You are more likely to trust someone who is attractive to someone who is not. As bad as it sounds, it’s true. In life, a lot of things are made easier when another person trusts you. For example in sales, people who are considered attractive are possibly going to do more figures than those who are average or below average.

It’s also been shown that those who are attractive don’t have to be smart to lure someone in and get what they want. And if you do happen to have beauty and brains then you obviously hit the jackpot when it came down to genetics.

Saying those who are attractive don’t live an easy life, is like saying rich people struggle as it is hard having so much money.

Attractive people are more likely to be perceived as intelligent, healthy and socially capable, simply because of their looks. A study was conducted on three different groups of employees and those who were considered more attractive overall were earning 12% to 14% more than the other employees, despite genders.

People who are considered attractive also happen to do a lot better through school and work life because they are much more confident.

However, sometimes when you are attractive, people of the same gender as you tend to be hateful towards you. Whether this is bullying in school or slagging someone off in the office. Normally, whatever they hate about you, tends to be one of their own insecurities subconsciously.

For those who are feeling insecure, just remember, beauty is subjective and we all have our own ways of being beautiful. You get different types of chocolate; so whether it’s milk, white or dark chocolate it still tastes delicious melted.

Gracie x


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