We Live. We Die. What Is The Point?

As most of us have probably worked out by now, death is going to happen no matter what we do. So why do we bother, if we are all going to die in the end anyway?

Think about it in terms of chocolate. If you had unlimited chocolate, how would you feel? I’m sure the first few bites would be the best feelings in the world. But the more you eat the more uncomfortable it gets.

Say if we were immortal, it would probably be great for the first couple hundred years and then you’ll start questioning everything. What is the point in living forever? Once you have achieved everything you wanted to, what is the point in continuing to live?

Whilst in education I developed the mindset of that we spend all our lives in school to then work ourselves to death. Not to mention those who grow up to have a family and you’re then made to deal with their shit too.

We have no purpose but we have no density either. This means you can do absolutely anything with the time you have been given.

Back to the chocolate analogy, there is no purpose in eating the chocolate. Apart from enjoyment. However, this is a subjective purpose. So I may enjoy eating the chocolate and you may enjoy eating the chocolate but in different ways.

Another way of thinking is with all the technology in the world no phone, laptop or computer lasts forever. However, when you brought your phone you were probably aware that it wasn’t going to last forever and at one point it would die on you.

So if it is not going to last forever, why waste your money buying it? You got it at the moment and during the time you were using the device, it would be working at its full potential. There is no point keeping a machine that no longer works the way it used to.

That’s how life works. Nothing lasts forever, including us.

One thing to bear in mind is that once we do die, we pass out of existence. Therefore there is no objective meaning to anyone’s life. So whether you turn out to be like Hitler or Mother Teresa, once you are dead no one can hold you accountable.

Gracie x

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