Mobile Phones Are Like New Relationships

The first year of getting your new phone is the best times you have with your new phone. They are amazing and all you could have asked for in a phone.

Your phone is the best-looking phone that you’ve seen and you’re always telling people how you love its slim body.

After having the phone for a few months, you get attached to it. You are constantly spending time with them and even spend less time with your friends so you can spend more time with your phone.

Even when you do spend time with your friends you are constantly talking about your new phone and how great it is. You start to become quite antisocial with it comes to your friends.

When you do mess up, you do what you can to fix it. You’ll spend what you can to repair the phone because it means so much to you and you can’t see yourself without it.

But after a while, things start to go wrong.

It doesn’t work as well. It is quite slow and doesn’t do what you tell it to do anymore. You’re forever shouting at it as it always makes you angry. You start even shouting at it in public.

You tell your friends how much you hate it and how you started looking at newer models. They look better than your one and probably work a lot better too.

After a while of dealing with the chaos, you’ve had enough and decide to buy yourself a new phone. Which starts the cycle again.

We live in a society where you upgrade your phone every two years, so why stay in a relationship any longer? People get bored or feel it is not working out and instead of trying to fix it, they chuck it all away. Suddenly, those two, five, ten or even twenty years mean nothing.

Whilst phones and relationships all obviously different scenarios, if you look closely they are almost the same. People upgrade their phone after the two-year contract even though the phone is still working, just because they have been told they can.

They want the latest and greatest and they couldn’t care less about their old phone.

Nowadays, young adults jump from relationship to relationship because they can. Whilst there are some exceptions, most the time it is due to something that can be fixed. Like a broken phone screen.

People just don’t want to put in the effort required to fix something that can be resolved.

Gracie x


Twitter: @gracievhemphill

IG: @graciehemphill

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