So Judge, What Makes Me Vulnerable?

For those of you who haven’t heard, yet another aggressive man gets away with domestic violence towards his wife because of bullshit reasons. Mustafa Bashir beat his wife, Fakhara Karim, with a bat during a jealous outburst and on a second occasion poured bleach down her throat. But none of that matters apparently because he got away with it. Judge Mansell believed that he wouldn’t be given jail time because she was not vulnerable.

What makes things so much worse is the reason he gives for the wife not being vulnerable. Apparently, being intelligent and having a network of friends makes someone not vulnerable.

I thought this was obvious but I shall point it out anyway, biologically men are built different to women and do tend to be a lot stronger physically. Now, this isn’t me being sexist. This is fact, men are stronger physically than women. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how smart or popular a woman is, if a man is pouring bleach down her throat there isn’t a lot she can do. Even if you were as smart as fucking Einstein, you’re still pretty much screwed.

And people wonder why there are so many domestic violence stories that never get told about. The victims are probably scared of being told that it was their fault. Every time someone gets away with crimes involving sexual or physical abuse to another person for stupid reasons, people are less likely to confide in anyone when it happens to them. Next thing you know the judge says that her clothing was giving the impression she was asking for bleach to be poured down her throat.

This case is giving out quite a dangerous message. First, it is suggesting that if someone is intelligent and has friends, they can’t ever be sexually or physically abused. Whether or not a person has friends or intelligence doesn’t make a difference. If someone is put in a situation where they can’t escape and there is a possibility of being harmed, either physically or emotionally, then that person is vulnerable. This case will also make it hard for victims in the future as they will feel that the authorities won’t believe them.

There are still some myths about domestic violence that people believe. It isn’t a certain gender or race that is targeted; it can happen to anyone. It also doesn’t matter what social class or how much money a family has, again it can happen to anyone. I promise you this, if something like this has happened to you it isn’t your fault. It doesn’t matter whether you have friends, are smart or are wearing bright pink hot pants; it is never your fault.

Gracie x


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