Career or Children?

Most people in their 20s start to plan out their lives. Working out when the right time to have children? Or working out what career path to take? And then you must work out what you want to achieve first; a family or a career? For a lot of people beforehand they could have both [...]

Review: 13 Reasons Why

For those who haven’t yet seen “13 Reasons Why” and want to, I would click away now as I can’t promise that there will be any spoilers. Or if you do continue to read you can’t get mad at me for I did warn you. “13 Reasons Why” is a 13 episode drama on Netflix [...]

Why Don’t We Congratulate Skinny People For Staying Skinny?

Recently, on social media I have seen a lot of before and after pictures of people who have lost weight to become a slimmer version of themselves. For those who have been able to achieve that, well done. I know staying motivated is hard work sometimes, although it does help to take pictures every so [...]

Is University Even Worth It?

You are looking at spending just short of £30K for the three years of you studying and the degree itself doesn’t even guarantee you a job. You end up walking away with a huge amount of debt, but now you have a degree. Whether you actually end up using that degree is a different matter. [...]

This Is for Those Parents Who Spoil Their Children

You are one of the reasons I am an angry individual. I say one as a lot of things infuriate me and we haven’t got time to go into that. Whether you give your children money, gifts or both it is all the same principle. Even young children who can’t get a job should be [...]