This Is for Those Parents Who Spoil Their Children

You are one of the reasons I am an angry individual. I say one as a lot of things infuriate me and we haven’t got time to go into that.

Whether you give your children money, gifts or both it is all the same principle. Even young children who can’t get a job should be disciplined to learn that they have to work to get rewards. For example, each chore is worth a certain amount of money. Then they will feel proud for earning that money than just being given it for nothing. Spoilt teens are one thing but spoilt children are difficult to control. They will moan and whine until you give in and they get what they want.

And I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not letting some nineteen-year-old tell me how to raise my kids”

Although, I have never had children I have been brought up in a large family. I’m one of six to be exact. I also happened to go to a private school for almost a decade. And I have seen the little arseholes some people give birth to.

Also, I used to watch a lot of Super Nanny, so I’m clearly an expert now.

These children grow up and feel entitled. They believe they can get whatever they want because Mummy and Daddy will get it for them. Whether this is backstage concert tickets or a scholarship; these children believe that money can get them anything rather than hard work.

Let me guess; your son or daughter is either in education or just finished education. They haven’t found a job yet but don’t worry they will. Until that day you’ll support them, right?

I hate to break it to you, but unless you threaten them with a cut of their allowance, they aren’t going to move their butts. Because everything is being given to them, why should they bother to work for anything?

Even if you do cut their allowance and tell them they need to get a job, they are going to struggle. It’s ok having all the qualifications in the world but if you have no work experience or employment history; companies aren’t going to look at you.

These teenagers turn into adults that think they are Jesus. They believe they can treat everyone like shit because they are angry. They have been thrown into the adult world after having to work for everything now. Their childhood taught them that they can get whatever they want without doing anything. Or even if they had to moan, their parents were soft and would give in almost immediately.

And now they have to work to earn the money they were originally just being given.

Currently, I work 5 days a week in a retail position I don’t massively enjoy, however, I do it to support myself for the time being until I find something to do that I do enjoy. This doesn’t include me spending a day, travelling into London, to do an unpaid internship. I manage my spending, I will admit that I’m not the best at it but I try not to indulge in things I don’t need. The last time I asked my parents for money was when I was at college working 15 hours a week and needed money for trains. But even then, once I found a better paying job, I paid for that myself.

As a child, like I said before, I went to a private school. I had to experience friends of mine getting new things every day, week or month and at the time I felt jealous. I’m glad I was brought up the way I was because I work so hard to get to where I am today. I spent months applying to different jobs online to get that internship and even then I was fighting for the place between sixty other applicants. Whilst it may seem small, it is a step in the right direction. It makes me proud to say that I got there by myself with none of my parents’ money being involved.

Gracie x


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