Let’s be honest here, the majority of people are attracted to people who are slim and possibly have an athletic build. You don’t hear it often that people want their soul mate to be overweight or fat. However, no one stays the same weight their entire life; sometimes you lose or gain weight and sometimes you struggle to go back to your original weight.

You gained feelings for a person who originally was slim or even average weight. They suddenly get overweight or fat. You don’t necessarily lose all feelings for them, but over time you will become less attracted to them. Because you didn’t fall in love with the overweight figure, you fell in love with the slim one.

There are two parts to any relationship. How much you love someone and how attracted to them you are. You can love someone a lot but not necessarily be attracted to them. And you can find someone very attractive but if you don’t love them, then it will never be anything more than a one night stand. If your significant other gained weight you’d still love them but you’d slowly become less attracted to them. It would be nothing more than a close friendship.

Another thing you have to bear in mind is if you’re a person who lives an active lifestyle how is your fat partner going to be able to join in. Overweight people tend to have a harder time doing any physical exercise, due to the fact that there is more to carry when doing any physical activities. Perhaps when looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend you had to bear in mind that, for example, you liked going on hikes. When your partner was a normal weight it was fine, but now they have gained a few extra pounds it is most likely less enjoyable for them.

I think you can’t straight up break up with someone because they have gained a few pounds. But at the same time, if someone gains enough weight to affect their daily life and doesn’t seem to show any signs of trying to lose it, it is a reason to break up.

For those who are about to argue that looks aren’t everything, I call bullshit. Like I said before there are two parts to every relationship. If you don’t find your partner attractive enough to want to see naked, then I’m sorry you’re not in a relationship.

We are subconsciously trained to find certain qualities attractive because for the majority of us the final aim is to reproduce. For example, most males find females with wide hips attractive as physically they look like they could give birth. People aren’t looking for partners who look like sticks but at the same time, people aren’t looking for partners that look like donuts.

In short, if you are in a relationship and over time get overweight and don’t seem to be losing any of the extra fat, you do risk your partner leaving you.


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