Why Don’t We Congratulate Skinny People For Staying Skinny?

Recently, on social media I have seen a lot of before and after pictures of people who have lost weight to become a slimmer version of themselves. For those who have been able to achieve that, well done. I know staying motivated is hard work sometimes, although it does help to take pictures every so often so you can then see your progress.

I’m referring to those who change up their diet or start doing exercise. Those who resort straight to liposuction I feel are cheating the system. It doesn’t matter how good the plastic surgery was, if you continue your eating and exercise habits the way you are, all that weight will come back on.

As a society, we congratulate overweight people for losing weight but not skinny people for staying skinny, why is that?

Overweight people are clearly doing something wrong to their body, hence the reason they are overweight. Whether they are eating processed and unhealthy foods or whether they are just eating twice the amount they need, it is obviously a problem that can be changed. Not necessarily an easy change but you know what you’re doing wrong. No one is asking you to go to the gym every day but if you did something as simple as cutting down on the portion sizes or cutting out ready meals and takeaways, you’ll notice the difference.

However, whilst some skinny people happen to have good genes or a faster metabolism, some just take care of their body and stay the weight they are. If a skinny person tried to take a picture and put it on social media, with a caption that talked about how they have looked after their body all their life and had stayed the weight they have, they wouldn’t get the same congratulations as the former overweight person.

Is it because it looks likes more effort is required to go from fat to skinny rather than from skinny to still skinny?

Think about it. Fat and overweight people get bullied a lot. Whether it is directly or indirectly, overweight people get reminded every day about their figure, how they don’t reach certain standards of beauty and are then seen as possibly unattractive to some people. Also, they sometimes get called lazy or unmotivated. Whilst all this fat-shaming is harsh and unnecessary does it help motivate overweight people to lose weight?

No one is giving skinny people the motivation to stay the weight they are. I am a fairly slim girl, always have been lucky enough. Even when I was at my heaviest, I was still slim and therefore no one really said anything negative. Whilst it may be harsh sometimes people need that push. For example, my drama teacher told me I couldn’t act, whilst it was harsh if it wasn’t for him I would still be trying to become an actress.

I’m not saying going from fat to skinny is any harder than staying skinny or vice versa. However, I would like a little appreciation every so often.

Gracie x

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