Review: 13 Reasons Why

For those who haven’t yet seen “13 Reasons Why” and want to, I would click away now as I can’t promise that there will be any spoilers. Or if you do continue to read you can’t get mad at me for I did warn you.

“13 Reasons Why” is a 13 episode drama on Netflix about how Hannah Baker, a 17-year old girl, takes her own life. Before she died she recorded 13 audiotapes each one blaming her death on someone else and their actions.

I have quite a short attention span and so if a programme is going to have hour-long episodes they have to be good, otherwise I get bored. “13 Reasons Why” definitely ticked that box.

When I choose to watch a programme, I want it to make me think. For example, in this case, the programme was about the 13 reasons why she wanted to kill herself. I’ve always wondered what it would have to take to push someone over the edge. People assume it is one traumatic experience and then you’re done. But this programme showed that it is normally a number of little things one after another. I’m sure if Hannah only experienced one or two of the reasons out of the 13 she wouldn’t have killed herself. I also believe if she had experienced all 13 reasons but over a longer space of time she may not have killed herself. I think the majority of people also believe that you have to be mentally ill before you even think about killing yourself. But even the happiest of people could kill themselves if put in the wrong situations.

It was a good, short programme and I don’t think giving it a second season would work. Would it then be called 26 reasons why? Or would we be shown another person’s list of reasons why they killed themselves? There is surely only so many reasons why one would kill themselves.

The tapes start off with Hannah saying that the reason that the person has the tapes is that they are one of the reasons that she killed herself. I believe if someone decides to kill themselves; it is their actions and therefore their fault. Whilst there may have been people in her life that treated her like shit to the point of pushing her to commit suicide, none of them walked up to her and gave her the razor blades themselves. It was all her doing.

Some of the reasons were typical secondary school drama, things that you experience whether you want to or not. Some of the reasons were not everyday problems and I think the mixture of the two would cause anyone grief.

This TV show also showed that sometimes the ones who you love can be the ones who hurt you the most. Clay was reason number 11 and after watching it I’m still not entirely sure he should have been a reason why. Out of everyone, he was the only one who was genuine to Hannah and wasn’t just hanging out with her for his own benefit. Hannah told him to fuck off and he did. She had no reason to get upset for he only did what she stated she wanted. What people tend to do sometimes is they don’t necessarily say what they really mean but still expect you to know what they want. It is stupid and causes problems, which is why I am probably the most honest person you will ever meet.

I understand it is obviously a fictional story but I believe the ending was unrealistic. If a person is truly suicidal I think their parents or teachers or counsellors would have worked it out. I don’t believe you stroll along all happy and out of nowhere end up in a bathtub full of your blood. I think it is a state you gradually put yourself into and if anyone cared even a tiny bit they would have worked out and at least tried to prevent what Hannah did. The counsellor wasn’t asking the right questions and the ones he was asking were very vague.

It is also very difficult to admit when you have been raped or sexually assaulted. I believe someone has been raped or sexually assaulted if they didn’t say yes. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t say no for she never said yes either. I don’t think the counsellor in real life would have been almost blaming her for getting raped.

Besides that, it was a good show to watch and I believe it will make people more aware of suicide and possibly preventing it. The show also tried to suggest that being kinder to people will prevent suicide, however, I disagree. I could be the nicest person to someone if they have it in their head that they want to slit their wrists it doesn’t matter what I say, for they shall do it regardless.

Gracie x


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3 thoughts on “Review: 13 Reasons Why

  1. Your opinions are spoken like someone who has never been sexually assaulted and never tried to kill themselves. As someone who has experienced both I thought everything about this show was right on.
    Also, only recently has “yes means yes” started to be taught. Previously, it was if you didn’t actually say “no”, people didn’t consider it rape. So I can definitely see how a counselor who just wasn’t very good at their job could take that stance. While a good one would not, there are unfortunately plenty who, while maybe good intioned, just aren’t any good.


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