The Reality of Social Media

I’ve been putting off this topic for ages because I’ve never known how to word it. I also didn’t want to come across as a hypocrite. However, I have recently had a week off work and had a lot of time to think. Think about myself and lifestyle and work out what I need to change. Anyway, back to what I wanted to talk about. Social media.

I got drunk the other night with a couple of my friends, but I didn’t post anything about it on social media, did it really happen?

A lot of people, especially millennials, post things on social media for a reaction. They post pictures to show people how perfect their life is. We all have this fake persona that we use when we are online; the perfect version of ourselves. This version of ourselves is sociable, funny, smart, attractive and flawless.

For those who are extroverted people, social media must be your jackpot. You are constantly out and about. You are able to post pictures on social media showing how many friends you have and how much fun you have. But you are only showing the good bits. You aren’t showing the many mistakes you regret when you were drunk or the crazy hangover in the morning when you look like a solid 2 out of 10 rather than an 11.

If I constantly posted pictures of my Friday nights it would consist of me watching Netflix and eating Domino’s in my sweatpants.

Another example would be I only tweet when I know it is going to be funny so that to all my followers I come across like a hilarious and witty person. I mean I am hilarious but that’s not the point here. There have been many tweets that I haven’t posted due to the fact that they were boring.

Social media was initially made for the user. It is customizable. It is personal. Post whatever you want to. But it has changed to post what will get you the most attention. Post what will get you the most likes.

Likes don’t mean anything. Likes don’t suddenly mean someone cares. You could be the most popular person online but have no one in your real life that actually cares. I’ll give you an example so that you understand a bit more. You know the laughing crying face emoji? The one where you’ve laughed so much you have cried? The last time you used it in a message, were you actually crying from how much you laughed? I’m going to guess no. It is the same with the Like button. You don’t have to actually like anything.

For someone who spends their spare time scrolling through social media, I have one thing to tell you.

No one gives a fuck.

I use social media as a way to spread my blog posts and to share funny pictures and videos that I relate to. Besides that, I don’t use it. I have got to the point where I will even unfriend someone because their posts annoy me so much. The Kings and Queens of social media are self-obsessed, narcissistic creatures. Their profile is a constant stream of images of themselves.

Some people even post pictures of themselves when they are feeling down or lonely. They hope that the likes will make them feel better. It doesn’t matter if that picture gets 10, 20 or even 100 likes; you will still be a lonely and depressed piece of shit.

I am not posting this because I believe I am a perfect human being. I’m not, although I believe I am very close. I’m also not posting this because I’m telling you what you can or can’t do. I am merely posting this to let people aware of what social media is doing to this generation.

Gracie x

Twitter: @gracievhemphill

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2 thoughts on “The Reality of Social Media

  1. “No one gives a fuck.”

    I wish I could say this (with more euphemism, of course) to some people I know. It is hard to appreciate someone, and spend time with them, when they are constantly on their social media pages. It is even more revolting when I see the pages of some people I used to know so well, and see their pages reflect nothing of what I see in them in reality.

    Thank you for writing for the truth, not for the “likes”. (Although I liked this post because I do like it a lot : ) )


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