Career or Children?

Most people in their 20s start to plan out their lives. Working out when the right time to have children? Or working out what career path to take? And then you must work out what you want to achieve first; a family or a career? For a lot of people beforehand they could have both children and a career.

However, the economy is fucked.

People in their 20s and 30s can’t settle down with anyone because they can’t even move out of their parents’ house. You can’t really plan on having a family in the same place you used masturbate vigorously during those nights as a lonely teen.

As suggested by the lower birth rates a lot of people decide to spend their time and effort focusing on their career rather than having a family.

The prices of houses have continued to rise however, the wages have not. A lot of young adults see owning a house as a goal they would hope to achieve than something they can see happening in the foreseeable future. I should be happy with the amount of money I have been able to save but I’m not, as it is nothing compared to the deposit I shall need to buy a place of my own.

For those who decide to move out into rental accommodation until they have the money to finally own a place of their own, they will become unstuck. I understand there are certain circumstances that mean you have to move out and rent. For example, if you have to be closer to a university, if you are getting kicked out or if you can’t hold back the urge to kill your parents anymore. But if you are just moving out for the sake of moving out instead of saving you shall be spending all your wages on rent.

Not only will you not be in a financially stable position to have children you may be stuck renting a flat or apartment and physically won’t be able to cater for them either.

Before any of you middle to old aged people pipe up, I’m not just moaning for the sake of moaning. This is a serious national problem and it doesn’t matter if we look at moving to Scotland or fucking London we are all struggling.

Whilst I don’t want any children I am scared of the fact I am possibly going into one of the lowest paying jobs ever. Fucking writing. While it may depend on what route I go into it is still pretty low pay compared to other careers. However, I am passionate about writing and therefore the money doesn’t bother me too much. As long as I can move out of my parents’ house before it gets embarrassing, it should be all good.

A lot of young adults who want children are scared that that isn’t an option anymore. You want to be able to give your child the world, not bring them up in a state of constant instability. For many of us, we also have this biological clock ticking in our ears, constantly reminding us that we don’t have all the time in the world to waste.

What makes the least amount of sense is that all the high paying jobs are in the big cities. However, to own a property in one of the big cities is a joke. So a lot of people taking advantage of the better jobs are already financially privileged? Seems a little unfair.

We are constantly being treated like we are whiny bitches that haven’t grown out of our adolescence yet. But in reality, a lot of us crave to be an adult and to gain that independence.

Oh, but don’t worry about me, I’m just a spoilt millennial who is used to always being given everything I want.

Gracie x

Facebook: graciehemphill98

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