“Stealthing” is Sexual Assault

For those of you who don’t know, “Stealthing” is where during sex the partner will remove his condom whilst the other believes that the condom is still intact, therefore exposing the partner to potential STDs and the chance of pregnancy. Whilst a lot of people see this as a new trend sweeping the nation, it is in fact, sexual assault.

A lot of stories have ended with the victim confused about whether it is actually violence or just bad sex. Every time “Stealthing” happens it should be classed as sexual assault and sexual assault isn’t a trend.

Uggs and ripped jeans are a trend, “Stealthing” is not.

Either these men don’t understand that creating a risk of STDs or pregnancy for their partner isn’t a violation or they do understand but don’t care. Technically you could go as far as saying that this new trend is classed as rape. Consenting to safe sex and consenting to unprotected sex are two different things. If the partner initially didn’t consent to sex without a condom then if the condom is removed it revokes any consent the partner originally gave. Making it rape.

Men, imagine it this way. You’ve met an attractive girl and for whatever reason, you two end up having sex. Beforehand she mentions she’s on the pill and that she has no STDs and therefore a condom isn’t necessary.

Afterward, she decides to tell you that she’s not on the pill and in actual fact she has a terrible case of gonorrhea. But she prefers the feeling of sex without a condom so she lied to you.

You’d be mad, wouldn’t you?

There’s even a manual online giving men step by step instructions on how to trick the different types of women. I think that’s fucking disgusting.

It is a betrayal of trust and is bordering on abuse. Men who do this are more focused on their own needs than their sexual partners’.

No one likes buying condoms. It is an awkward thing to do because now everyone in the store knows that sometime in the future you’re about to have sex. No one likes using condoms either. However, you have decided to do the right thing because some STDs can be life-threatening. It isn’t worth ruining a bit of fun with death. And then you find out after trying to do the right thing that someone decided for you to do the wrong.

“Stealthing” could even be attempted murder.

Hear me out. If a male removes the condom during sex without the other partner knowing and gives them a life-threatening STD and they die from it, who’s fault is it?

This isn’t a trend. This is sexual assault. Keep it in your condoms.

Gracie x

Facebook: graciehemphill98

Twitter: @gracievhemphill

IG: @graciehemphill








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