Tea, Anyone?

For those of you that live under a rock, something that has been advertised on virtually every social media platform recently is these “detox” and “weight loss” teas and coffees. The main aim of them to do rid your body of any toxins by drinking a cup of either tea or coffee every morning and evening. Apparently, by getting rid of these toxins in your body it will promote fat burning and therefore you will be left with this lovely toned body by losing weight. The main companies you would have most likely seen advertised are ‘Fit Tea’, ‘The Skinny Coffee Club’ and ‘BooTea’.

Now whilst I have never actually used any of these teas or coffees before I have studied biology in the past. Whilst I may have failed biology A Level, I’m pretty sure your liver, kidney, and lungs tend to get rid of any nasty toxins in your body.

Another thing these companies do is they always advertise the drink with some tanned, toned girl in her underwear drinking the tea or coffee.

This is stupidly unrealistic because firstly, it is dangerous to consume a hot drink in your underwear because you could spill it and burn yourself. More importantly, this drink isn’t going to make you toned or tanned for that matter.

Detox is just a fancy name for laxatives. This drink will just make you shit yourself.

These companies understand that those who buy their product want to lose weight in some way so sometimes they offer recipes or meal plans to help with one’s weight loss journey. Most of the reviews show, on any of these products, that those who changed up their diet as well as drinking the tea or coffee lost the weight. However, those who continued to eat as they were whilst drinking the beverage didn’t lose the weight.

It’s not the overpriced drink that is helping you lose weight. It’s your change of diet.

But then you knew that. You were just hoping for an easy route to get to your dream figure. The only way you are going to look good is if you work for it.

Gracie x

Facebook: graciehemphill98

Twitter: @gracievhemphill

Instagram: @graciehemphill

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