It turns out I’ve been wrong all this time, I thought it was 2017 but actually turns out it’s 1972. Theresa May reminded me of my error when stating on The One Show that there are “boy and girl jobs” around the house.

It’s really reassuring to know that when nearly every average human is trying to fight sexism every day your own Prime Minister seems to want to live how it was 50 years ago. A lot of women already struggle as it is to get their male partner to help out with some of the chores.

I would like to point out that Theresa should step down as PM for she is currently doing a “boy job”.

I mean can I ask one thing; if there are certain jobs for males and certain jobs for females what do lesbian and gay couples do? Do a list of chores just not get done because they aren’t the right sex?

Apparently, women can’t touch bins because they are too dirty for our pristine hands but are expected to touch men’s dicks.

One of the main household chores that have always been seen as a “girl job” is cooking. However, I hate cooking and I’m not the best at it. My boyfriend has the skills and the passion for cooking so the majority of the time he cooks. I’m not going to take the pleasure away from him by cooking just because I’m a woman.

Next time my mum asked me to do something I’ll just say I can’t because it’s a “boy job”.

The main problem isn’t necessarily whether certain jobs are better done by certain genders. It is more the fact that even though we no longer live in the 50s, 90% of the household chores are being done by the woman.

Before a woman’s main purpose in life was to be a stay at home mum, a housewife and her focus was purely on her children and the house. Now, more women have careers and full-time jobs but somehow are still expected to be a housewife. At the end of a 9-hour shift, I’m sure women would much appreciate sharing the chores with their partner rather than doing them all themselves.

Whilst Theresa May’s comment on there being gender specific jobs was wrong at least she is getting her husband to do something around the house.

Gracie x

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2 thoughts on “What Has Theresa May Said This Time?

  1. Gracie, I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing your article is on so called ‘boy and girl’ jobs. I am a house husband right now while my wife goes out to work and when not writing I do a lot of the household chores. Also, I have also been a single dad and I think a lot of men let the the male species down when they refuse to do housework or look after the kids.
    If couples wish to be traditional as in the Mays case that’s their choice but in 2017 it does not sit well with me.
    Women do indeed still have a long way to go in the workplace and at home although we have come a long way. One thing though that should be equalized is that of men and women’s retirement. It’s ridiculous that men are expected to work 5 years longer than women when in the main men usually die before women.
    So Gracie well done for your article.


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