Why Won’t Anyone Commit?

Whether it be a job, a relationship or a TV series, people are struggling to commit these days. We have a shorter attention span and believe everything we do has to be amazing and once that excitement is gone we have to quit and move on. We believe we are entitled to having the best and when we don’t we are constantly looking elsewhere.

With new apps being built every single day there is the ease of getting whatever you want whenever you like. You can order dinner, apply to a job or get a date with the touch of your fingers.

We are overwhelmed by all these choices and options, why would we ever stick to one?

In terms of dating we will always have two options; one is to experience intimacy with a variety of different people and to enjoy yourself in the moment and see where life takes you and the other option is to spend time with that one person, not only can you be intimate but you can tell them everything and know they will be there to support you no matter what.

As people grow and mature they will value their life experiences differently. Some people will always want to have a true connection with one person and some people will have matured and never get to that point. There is no set rule that you have to settle down.

Beforehand it was natural to find someone to settle down get married and have children. But now with more things being more socially acceptable, it isn’t always the case that everyone will settle down.

Even if you believe you don’t I’m sure in the back of your head this is true, but we all have a list of things we want to be able to tick off before we settle down. Some examples are, to travel more, to be in a certain place in your career, to have had more fun and adventure, to meet and sleep around with new people. Because once you settle down, that’s it. You’ll have less freedom as you’ll constantly be having to bear in mind about that other person. And you’ll definitely not be able to sleep around.

But what happens if you meet your soul mate and you haven’t achieved what you wanted to?

Well, the relationship ends. Not because it couldn’t have worked out but because one-half of the couple wasn’t ready.

Hey guys, just before you go I’ve been working on something for a while now and I wanted to tell you about it.

I’m publishing a book. It’s going to be a book of my poetry and quotes that I wrote when I was in college.

It shall hopefully be out to buy on Amazon by June. I will keep you updated and shall post the link once it is available to purchase.

Grace Hemphill x

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